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This article title sums it up

I've posted a link at the end of this post to an article I read this morning that just made me so mad.My personal experience with child advocacy/abuse representatives was awful. They want you to go into complete detail of every little thing. They want to know of all the times it happened, where you were, what was done and how you responded to the situation. They ask if you fought back, if you liked the feelings it gave you, and why didn't you say something sooner. The thing they apparently don't consider is this: What person, who has been so violated, wants to describe the humiliating, devastating and nauseating details? You can hardly come to terms that it even happened. Obviously you know what you went through, but thinking about it is torture. Talking about it to strangers in a weird room without your family for support (because they aren't allowed to be there) is not the most inviting situation. I couldn't bring myself to say where Drew touched me. They didn…

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