So much abuse

   I wish I could go back in time as an adult and walk in on one of my memories. I wish I could go back and do something to protect that child. I wish I could catch him in the act so I could unleash the rage that I still have. I'm at a point right now where I can think about the things I suffered through and see it from an outsiders view. Does that make sense? Instead of feeling hurt that it happened to me, I'm pissed that a child had to go through that. It's no longer just about me and my pain, it's about the poor children that have to endure the abuse. In my memories I see so many innocent kids who are scared, confused and hopeless. Millions of people have been abused, how many of them are STILL scared, confused and hopeless?

   Through my blogging I've heard from people who have experienced sexual abuse, rape, emotional and physical abuse. I've been thanked for sharing my story because it makes them feel less lonely. It gives them hope that maybe someday they can heal. Hearing from them made me feel less lonely. It's given me hope that maybe I can play a small part in helping them. I want to help people break the silence. There's so much abuse out there. I don't think there's anything I can do to stop it. But I'm determined to do something for the survivors. I love that my little blog has already helped a handful of people. I hope that I'm able to help countless more.


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